“Medium? Large? Combo? What Size Bouncer Do I Need?”

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“Medium? Large? Combo? What Size Bouncer Do I Need?”

1. Choosing your party’s bounce house should be an easy and fun decision.
Unfortunately, it can seem to be just the opposite.
There are many different sizes of bouncers to choose from and each look equally good, making your decision even harder.
When renting a bounce house, you need to ask yourself, “What size bouncer do I need?”

2. The most important criteria is space.
How much space is available at the location where you will be setting up the bounce house?
If the space is limited, it will drive the decision of the size you need.
Measure for length and width, but also for height if you are holding the party indoors or outdoors where there are many trees.

3. If your space can fit just about any bouncer, great! You’re in luck. You can choose from just about any of the options available to you.

4. Standard size for bouncers is 13’ x 13’.
These bounce houses are perfect for most events and can be used for indoor parties and in backyards where space may be limited.
Since this bouncer is a little smaller in size, it may be good for parties with younger children and toddlers or a smaller amount of children.

5. The next size is 15’ x 15’.
These will also fit in backyards, as long as there is a little more space.
They are great for bigger kids, or just more kids in general.

6. Going bigger than 15’ x 15’, you are looking at combo bounce houses.
These come equipped with obstacles and slides, and pack more fun into your bouncer.
Keep in mind that the bigger the bouncer, the more you will pay.
Ohana Bounce offers 4-in-1 combo bouncers that are 16’ x 18’, and have basketball hoops and a slide inside of it.
They also have an even bigger 5-in-1, that measures a whopping 19’ x 18’.
These extra-large combo bouncers have obstacles, hurdles, basketball hoops and a slide, all inside the bouncer, which still features a traditional bouncing area.
A combo bouncer is a great option for parties that have the room for it, and also have many kids in varying ages.

7. Bounce houses come is a few different sizes and it can be difficult to decide which size you want.
Start by figuring out how much room you have and figure out your needs from there.

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