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“Bounce Houses – Not Just for Birthday Parties”

Bounce houses seem to be a staple for kids’ birthday parties.
They offer entertainment and fun for all. But bounce houses are not just good for birthday parties.
They can be used for many different events as well.
Here are just some events that can benefit from having a bounce house:

School events. Since kids love bounce houses, what better place to feature a bounce house than a school event?
Bounce houses are the perfect addition to an end of year celebration or fun fair at elementary school.

Fundraisers. Need to raise money? Add a bounce house to your event!
Parents will pay for their kids to bounce in it because they know how much fun their kids will have.

Corporate event. Business owners and workers are family people too. At a less-formal corporate event,
a bounce house is a good way to help keep the children of the employees entertained while their parents talk about business.

Family reunions. What’s better than having fun with your relatives that you don’t get to see often?
A bounce house is a great way for long-lost cousins to play and bond.

Expos. Bounce houses attract kids and parents.
Feature a bounce, or better yet, a bounce house area with multiple bouncers, and kids will come.

Church Festivals. Anywhere kids will be is a good place to have a bounce house. Even at a church festival,
a bounce house can be a place where kids play and get some energy out … before they learn about religion that is.

Picnics. Food. Family. Friends. A park. Why not a bounce house?
It will provide entertainment for hours at the next family picnic.

Baby showers. Sure it may be unconventional. But baby showers are not only for women anymore.
Many people throw showers and invite the men and children too.
What better way to entertain the kids than a bounce house?
Better yet, get the men to supervise so the ladies can resume traditional baby shower games and festivities.

Promotional events. If you have something to promote, do it with a bouncer!
Okay, maybe not with “just” a bouncer, but it does help getting families to an event.

Bounce houses are definitely great for birthday parties.

Many come with characters on them that kids just love.

But as you can see, bouncers are good for other events as well!

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